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The two boys who reportedly fell into the Des Moines River, Thursday, are still missing.

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Police say the witness stated he had seen two subjects on the south side of the Kenyon Rd. Bridge, on the east side of the Des Moines River, near the trailhead. He described the two as possibly white males in their teens. One was described as wearing an orange color shirt, while the second had on a red shirt. The witness indicated the subject wearing the red shirt was walking south of the trail head, but in the flood water while the second, in the orange shirt, followed several feet behind. The caller added that the male in the red shirt suddenly appeared to be swept under the water while the other in the orange was still in the water to the north.

According to Fort Dodge Police Chief Tim Carmody, the witness and the other occupants of their vehicle turned their vehicle around to check on the males. By the time they could see the area again both males had disappeared. The caller immediately contacted the Webster County Communications Center to report the incident.

Upon arrival first responders began a search and rescue operation. Carmody said members of the Fort Dodge Fire Department deployed a rescue boat into the river. At the same time members of the Fort Dodge Police Department and the Webster County Sheriff’s Department began searching the nearby banks of the river and further downstream. The search was joined by staff from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Fort Dodge/Webster County Reserve Unit, and the Iowa State Patrol.

Six off-duty Fort Dodge firefighters were called in to work to help with the search and rescue.

The search ended for the night around 9:30pm, as crews said it was too dangerous to continue in the dark. Officials will continue searching Friday morning, early, both on land and in the air.

Fort Dodge Police Chief Tim Carmody said, “At this time we have not received any reports of missing adults or juveniles who fit the descriptions given by the witnesses. Detectives continue to work on this investigation to confirm witness reports – including determining the identity of the two males and whether they safely escaped the flood water.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Fort Dodge Police Department at (515) 573-1426.


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FD Police and Fire Still Searching for Individuals in the Des Moines River
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  1. Kimi

    Just went to my nephews Memorial Andres Favela died 2012 today June 19 in Marshalltown in the river so sad to go through this pain.

  2. Lori

    and I’m sure their parents were right there telling them to play by the river and sure might as well get in too-how about a little empathy rather than name calling, these are teenagers parents probably had no idea they were at the river, I still hope its a mistake……..prayers going out for these children, and their families

  3. Dani

    Emily, there are times when your kids are somewhere other than where they tell their parents. Who are you to say who shouldnt have children? I hope your kids are ALWAYS where they tell you.. Prayers to the families of these children.

  4. Beth Nicholson

    I sincerely hope this is something you never have to experience. It affects these parents more than you’ll ever know, even if they’re not there and can’t control the situation. They’re already blaming themselves and will forever. They don’t need your help with that!

  5. matt

    I am sick and tired of hearing people asking where are the parents. If you have or had a child, there is no way to be around them 100% of the time, nor should you. You would hope by that age, they would know better on this situation.

  6. Jennifer

    Can’t watch your kids 24/7, especially teenagers. I’m sure these parents are going to have a hard enough time with this situation without you calling them idiots and questioning their parenting skills, learn to use some manners and keep your mouth shut.

  7. Sarah

    I hope they are found safely. About the comment of where are the parents….the above says they were 12-15 what teenage wants their mom and dad to hang around and what their every move. And the article doesn’t say if the parents were close by or not. It doesn’t give much information or facts about what exactly happened. Praying for their safe return

    1. elena fairman

      Safe let them be safe we in this town need to band together and just prayer for theses two young boys and parents not judge not now please .

  8. Miranda

    no offence and not trying to be rude but Emily does have a point and yes i agree the situation sucks. With as much rain that we’ve had who in their right mind would even agree to let their kids go to the river? no parent should have to go through this period.

  9. Miranda

    but there is always 2 sides to everything and we don’t know exactly what happened so what i am trying to say is hopefully the kids get home safe and sound

  10. Samantha

    Here’s my idea,,, maybe everyone should go by that saying if you can’t say anything nice don’t at all. Damn,keep your opinions to your selves and show support that’s what this is for so if u can’t do that and share words of encouragement then get off!

  11. Kim

    My heart goes out to these parents my prayers are with you every second till this ordeal is over with may god be with you

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